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Juana Restrepo

Juana Restrepo

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We left Circular Coworking to find which places are interesting for nomads and we discovered cafes, shopping centers, parks, other coworkings, hotels and museums.

We know that a space is an excuse to connect with others, for this reason we have been sticking some gifts around the city for you to have TRYAL DAYS, to get to know our community and because we want you to include our CIRCULAR spaces within the radar of workspaces you have in mind.

somos como queremos

Scan this QR code to see the gift that we have left to the nomads in some neighborhoods: Laureles, San Joaquín, El Poblado, Manila, Ciudad del Río.

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6 reasons to work from Circular Coworking

>> we discovered that these things are not the same when you are outside the coworking

  • fluent upstream and downstream internet connection
  • privacy for video calls
  • environment designed to work comfortable, happy and with good company
  • ergonomic chairs for working long hours, a sofa in case you prefer yo lie down, or high tables if you like to work standing up
  • you save a lot of money
  • you are part of a community, this is the most beautiful thing!


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